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What we do

 JWO Media is a Brooklyn-based production company focused on film, television and educational media projects. Our mission is to create projects that speak to every fiber of the human condition. We are normalizing the production of projects challenge the conventional and amplify the voices of women.

We want our audiences to LAUGH, to THINK and be inspired.
We want our audiences to LEARN through engaging stories.
We want our audiences to FEEL.

In short, we are shaking things up with a little bit of help from our friends.


  Film & television concept development, research & sizzle reel production. Elearning design & development services.


Pre-Production, Principal Photography & Post consultation services. Virtual production consultation & execution.

Our Latest Work

meet Joanna

 Joanna White-Oldham is an award winning producer and emerging director from Brooklyn, New York. 

Her most notable projects are: Buried by the Bernards, Netflix (2021); The Last Five Years (2021) Drama League Award nominee (2021); The Company You Keep, starring Aixa Kendrick, winner of the Best Actress award at the 2020 Hip Hop Film Festival; The Takeover (2019), Semi-Finalist Dumbo Film Festival, Finalist (2019), MicroMania Film Festival (2020); Waking Up White (2019), winner Best TV Series, Charlotte Black Film Festival (2020) and Too Much Love (2018), a PSA sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Joanna credits her love of storytelling to her parents, particularly her father, who emphasized the importance of reading and stimulated her love of the movies as a little girl. As she grew older, she developed an interest in a wide variety of genres, but the stories that continue to pique her interest are thrillers and psychological dramas, elevated horror and documentaries. However, Joanna is interested in work that challenges her, so she is constantly evolving and seeking new ways to bring stories to life.

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